BigBlueButton API

BigBlueButton is an open-source web conferencing system for online learning. BigBlueButton's simple API gives you an easy HTTP interface for creating, joining, and ending meetings, as well as management of recordings. For popular LMS (Learning Management System) like Moodle, Canvas, Chamilo, they already have plugin. Users can just input the Host Url and Salt Key then can use it and no need for any further coding. For your own developed LMS or any other content management and/or software application, integration is possible using a library available for various programming languages. Below are a few BigBlueButton API documentation and libraries for you as a reference while you are working on the development.

Official BigBlueButton API Documentation

This document describes the BigBlueButton application programming interface (API).

For developers, this API enables you to

  • Create meetings
  • Join meetings
  • End meetings
  • Get recordings for past meetings (and delete them)
  • Upload closed caption files for meetings

BigBlueButton API Library For PHP


The official and easy-to-use BigBlueButton API for PHP makes it easy for developers to use BigBlueButton API.

Installation and usage

The wiki contains all the documentation related to the PHP library. We have also written samples to show a full install and usage example.

Submitting bugs and feature requests

Bugs and feature request are tracked on GitHub


Unofficial but very easy to use PHP library & have some extended features. In readme file you can get detail information.

BigBlueButton API Library For .NET

1 .

.NET client for BigBlueButton REST api


.NET libraries for quickly and easily integrating with BigBlueButton.

  1. .NET API's for quickly and easily integrating with BigBlueButton.
  2. These C# API's for BigBlueButton
  3. The functions in the library return datatables for developer's convenience.

BigBlueButton API Library For Java

Special note:

  1. This project used Lombok library, if you want to deploy this project, make sure you have Lombok installed. To install, follow the following steps:
    • download from
    • go to the location where the Lombar.jar was downloaded, and run "java -jar lombok.jar", change the jar file name to the name of the lombok jar file that you downloaded
    • after you run the previous step, a window should appear, brownse to your editor location (for eclipse, it's where eclipse.exe is located)
    • click install
    • launch Eclipse (or other IDE)
    • add the zomlok library to your project (right click on the properties -> Java Build Path -> Libraries -> add Extenal JARs -> select the lombok jar file that you just downloaded -> Apply and Close

BigBlueButton API Library For JavaScript

bigbluebutton-api-js is a very simple Javascript library that generates links to all methods in BigBlueButton's API. It's written in Coffeescript and should work in the browser or in Node.js applications.

BigBlueButton API Library For Ruby

This is a ruby gem that provides access to the API of BigBlueButton. See the documentation of the API here.

It enables a ruby application to interact with BigBlueButton by calling methods instead of HTTP requests, making it a lot easier to interact with BigBlueButton. It also formats the responses in a ruby-friendly format and includes helper classes to deal with more complicated API calls, such as the pre-upload of slides.

For integration development with Big Blue Meeting BigBlueButton Service


API based URL: /bigbluebutton/api

SECRET: JLKjlkHIOupouuIKUOupopo ( Check this info in your Big Blue Meeting User Panel)

BigBlueButton API Information

Sample :