Why should we choose your company?

We offer the best performance because we do not use VPSes, all plans use bare metal, dedicated servers with many cores and load-balancing, so you get great performance no matter what. Other competitors use AWS and Digital Ocean to offer services on VPS (virtual private servers). Our servers are always on and our cloud fully supports the BigBlueButton API letting you use Moodle, Canvas, WordPress, and other LMSes with BigBlueButton plugins. Further we're a Canadian company and bound by Canadian laws, unlike our competitiors who may be located in under-developed countries with similar laws. We value your privacy and do not share your data with anyone other than those parties required by law.

Is it month-to-month?

Yes it is month to month and pre-pay, you can cancel at any time before your renewal date and not pay anything more. See Payments section below for more information.


Is the 100 user limit a hard limit?

No the 100 user limit per meeting is a soft limit. For example if you are using a single webcam and most of your users are listeners you may be able to exceed this number significantly.

Is there a webcam limit per meeting?

We do not have any webcam limits. What we do limit is the number of webcams should on the screen at one time. Please sign up for a trial account to see the limits.

How many meetings can I host?

As long as the total number of users online at one time (concurrent users) is not exceeded, you can host an unlimited amount of meetings online.


Can I get MP4 recordings of BigBlueButton recordings?

Yes. Login to your Manager account, go under Recordings to view all your recordings and press the Convert to MP4 button. You will receieve an e-mail when you recording(s) are done converting.

How long can you store recordings?

We can store recordings forever on the cloud. We can even give you API access, for a fee, to those recordings even if you have no plan or server with us.

What happens when I hit the storage limit for recordings?

Nothing happens. You can continue to record as our servers host all your recordings on a cloud backend with unlimited space. You can simply buy additional space to accomodate your usage.

Can I integrate Moodle or WordPress with your service?

Yes. All you need for the integration is the BBB plugin for Moodle. We provide you with BBB URL and a secret key and you use them on your Moodle site.

Do you support broadcasting to YouTube or Facebook?

Yes. Login to your Manager account, go under live meetings to list all meetings associated with your account and click stream.

Do you support webinars with lots of users, say 1,000 or more?

Yes we can stream your presentation to a lot of users but they can not participate in the meeting.


What is Greenlight?

Greenlight is a frontend user interface for BigBlueButton. Without Greenlight BigBlueButton needs another application like an LMS (Moodle) in order for you to be able to create meetings. All our plans include an optional install of Greenlight.

What is Big Blue Manager?

Big Blue Manager is our dash board and management software found at https://manager.bigbluemeeting... that we use to run our cloud. It is also available as software as a service (SaaS) to power private clouds.

What is Big Blue Meeting CE?

Big Blue Meeting CE is a frontend for BigBlueButton similar to Greenlight.


Can I get a partial refund?

No, we do not offer partial refunds as we pay for dedicated infrastructure monthly and our costs are fixed.

What payment methods do you accept?

We can only accept credit cards and PayPal.

I need to change my credit card what should I do?

Go to the manager and click the Manage Payment link on the top right dropdown menu under the user icon.

I need to cancel my account what should I do?

Go to the manager and click the manage payment link on the top right dropdown menu under the user icon. You can cancel your account after verifying the e-mail address you used to subscribe.