Chamilo 1.x - BigBlueButton Videoconferencing

Chamilo is an LMS for education and businesses that is easy to set up. It makes managing courses and data about learning achievements and skills simple & easy. This project has been around for over 10 years, with more than 20 million users worldwide. Coordinated by a nonprofit organization and developed by its official providers and external contributors, it serves the shared ambition of improving education.

Big Blue Meeting offers a free trial for up to one month with Chamilo videoconferencing support. Sign up to get videoconferencing setup in 5 mins.

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Chamilo includes a video conferencing plugin to allow for online meetings and teaching. In order to use the plugin you need your own BigBlueButton server or you need a service like Big Blue Meeting in order to provide the server for you to use. Follow the instructions below to setup the video conferencing server in Chamilo in the next few minutes to start teaching and meeting online with Chamilo.

Step 1

Login as administrator into Chamilo.

Step 2

Go into the Administration menu.

Step 3

Under the portal section choose "Plugins"

Step 4

You should now be on the "Plugins" page under the "Plugins" tab.

Step 5

Scroll down to find the "Videoconferencing" plugin.

Step 6

Enable the plugin by checking the checkbox next to it and click Enable the selected plugin.

Step 7

The changes should now be saved. Click configure on the enabled "Videoconferencing" plugin.

Step 8

Enable the videoconferencing tool by selecting the radio button labelled "Yes". Sign up for an account on Big Blue Meeting and copy the BigBlueButton URL and Shared secret.

Step 9

The settings from the above step should now be pasted into Chamilo.

Step 10

Set the rest of the settings on the page as follows, or to your desired preferences.

Step 11

Save the settings by clicking the "Save" button.

Step 12

The settings should now be saved and you are ready to use BigBlueButton.

Step 13

Navigate to My courses and select any course that you wish to use.

Step 14

You should now be on the course page.

Step 15

Scroll down to find the "Videoconference" icon.

Step 16

Click "Enter the video conference".

Step 17

You may also join the video conference from the User Profile menu on the left of the My courses page.