BigBlueButton Instructor Guide

Welcome to BigBlueButton: A Comprehensive Guide for Instructors

Are you ready to dive into the world of BigBlueButton as an instructor? This walkthrough will guide you through the essential features and functionalities of this powerful virtual classroom platform.

Main Presentation Area: Upon launching BigBlueButton, you'll find yourself in the main presentation area. This space is where you'll interact with your content, and where your students will view it as you share.

Public Chat and User List: To the left of the presentation area, you'll find the public chat where students can communicate. Adjacent to the chat is the user list, displaying the names of students as they join the session.

Sharing Audio and Video: Begin by clicking the "Join Audio" button. From there, you can select microphone options and ensure audio clarity by conducting an echo test. Easily mute or unmute users by clicking on their names, or by toggling the microphone icon.

Sharing Webcams: Click "Share Webcam" to enable video sharing. Choose your preferred settings, such as background image or quality, and start sharing your webcam with students. Adjust layout preferences to customize the view for both you and your students.

Presentation Tools: Utilize the built-in whiteboard for annotations and interactions. Choose from various tools like pen, eraser, and pointer to engage with your content effectively.

Screen Sharing: Share your screen with students to display specific content or applications. Choose from different screen sharing options based on your needs.

Smart Slides and Learning Analytics: BigBlueButton offers smart slides that detect poll questions automatically. Monitor student engagement in real-time through the Learning Analytics Dashboard, which provides insights into student activity and responses.

Polling and Engagement Tools: Conduct polls effortlessly to gather feedback from students. Explore features like multiple-choice questions, true/false questions, and open-ended responses to enhance interaction.

Breakout Rooms: Create breakout rooms for collaborative activities. Customize room settings and monitor student participation. Content created in breakout rooms seamlessly integrates back into the main session.

Additional Features: Explore features like public chat, private chat, reactions, hand raising, and more to foster engagement and communication.

Customization and Settings: Tailor BigBlueButton to suit your preferences with customizable settings. End or leave meetings seamlessly, and utilize audio and popup alerts for notifications.

BigBlueButton is your all-in-one solution for conducting engaging and effective virtual classes. We hope you find this guide helpful in maximizing your teaching experience with BigBlueButton. Enjoy your virtual classroom journey!