BigBlueButton Student Guide

Welcome to BigBlueButton: A Participant's Guide

Get ready to dive into the world of BigBlueButton as a participant! This video will walk you through the essential features and tools for effective learning and collaboration.

Joining Audio: When you first enter a session, you'll be prompted to join the audio. Choose between using your microphone or opting for listen-only mode to hear without transmitting.

Main Presentation Area: The central focus of the session is the presentation area, where most content is shared. To the left, you'll find the public chat and additional collaboration options like shared notes.

Audio Controls: Easily switch between listen-only and microphone mode by clicking the corresponding icon. When using your microphone, conduct an echo test for optimal audio quality.

Webcam Sharing: Share your webcam with the click of a button. Choose your preferred webcam source, quality, and background image before starting sharing.

Reactions and Hand Raise: Use the reactions bar to express feedback with emojis. Raise your hand to indicate that you need assistance or have a question.

Public and Private Chat: Engage in the public chat to communicate with everyone in the session. Start a private chat with individual participants for one-on-one conversations.

Shared Notes: Collaborate with others using shared notes, where you can type and view contributions from all participants.

Whiteboard Interactions: In the main presentation area, instructors may use the whiteboard for annotations and visuals. Participants can also interact with the whiteboard, drawing and pointing as needed.

Polling Participation: Participate in polls initiated by the instructor, providing your responses to questions presented during the session.

Breakout Rooms: Join breakout rooms for group activities and discussions. Collaborate with fellow participants in a separate space while still having access to session features.

Recording and Connection Status: Keep an eye on the recording status icon to know if the session is being recorded. Monitor your connection status, and refresh if needed to ensure smooth participation.

Help and Leaving the Session: Access help resources if needed and leave the session when you're ready to exit.

That wraps up our overview of BigBlueButton for participants! We hope you find these features helpful in enhancing your learning experience. Enjoy your time in the virtual classroom!